Wednesday, March 6, 2013

0 more watercolor, more food & some cake!

as i have stated before i fell in love with francesca woodman & so i decided to use her "on being an angel #1" for my watercolor class & i think it turned out spectacularly {if i do say so myself}. i'm sorry i've been m.i.a., it's been crazy! but tomorrow is my birthday, {yay!} & next week is spring break {yay!} during which we're going to visit san francisco & my family & a really good friend {double yay!}. anyway, ivan made some delicious food! mussels & a really great carne asada salad! plus i've fallen in love with bleu cheese & walnuts on my salad all over again. annnnnnnd, camilla had her birthday party! us pisces totally rock! 

i love these girls a lot!
apparently in brazil they like to shove your face in the cake? happy birthday camilla!

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