Friday, March 29, 2013

0 the peterson's, the iordanov's and . . .

alfred hitchock's shadow! it's kind of amazing when you see it, i have no idea how it happened but i think it's awesome. so shabnam is a good friend of mine that i've know for several years, she is a sweetheart & it's sad that the last time i saw her she was pregnant with her 3 year old! how did that happen?! all i know is that it won't happen again! anyway, it was lovely to see her & her husband kurt & their two adorable boys, ashton & michael - who were so sweet! we only got to stay one night {hello p.f. changs & fondu!}, so hopefully next time it will be longer & we'll see if alfred  joins us again.

these guys are pretty damn cute!

lily & ivan became fast friends

it was pretty tasty! although i haven't had too many breakfasts in reno so you never know . . . 

do you see him?!

we are beyond awesome, it's true! p.s. can this girl rock a faux-hawk or what?!

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