Tuesday, March 26, 2013

2 blogging is strange

i was photoshopping away in the computer lab today {so that i could actually post something - gasp!}. i found myself getting slightly paranoid that fellow students might glance over my shoulder & see me working on something so frivolous & self-indulgent as fashion pictures of . . . myself. then i let the irony sink in. i publish this blog on the internet, for everyone & anyone to see. so why is it so damn embarrassing to have someone see me actually working on it? i've come to the semi-conclusion that blogging is a way of sharing that creates distance from those you're sharing with. read less embarrassment. you don't have to see that initial smirk, you just get to imagine it in your mind. i can be terribly self-conscious sometimes & my mind fills with all the negative things someone could say. despite this, i find blogging an incredibly freeing form of expression. it has allowed me to do things in a sort of an alter-ego  fashion that helps me express my love of food, family, friends, photography, fashion, traveling & all those silly things that happen in life. school is still crazy so i'll try to be somewhat consistent but don't be too surprised if another week goes by in silence. love to you all & i hope this tuesday has been a good one. 

f21 sweater: similar, hm jeans, shoemint booties

p.s. how awesome are the colors? it's like your computer screen has just dropped acid, enjoy.

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Benlovesting said...

Happy Easter!! Lovely blog!

iordanovs said...

Happy Easter to you too! Thanks!