Monday, December 24, 2012

0 merry christmas eve

right now it's snowing outside & i'm listening to happy xmas {war is over}. yesterday we made indian food for lunch & had a family dinner with ivan's family. tonight my brother travis is spending the night & we'll have clam chowder for dinner {i've had this for dinner on christmas eve as long as i can remember} & tomorrow we'll see my sister sarah & we'll have homemade cinnamon rolls & mimosas! {the cinnamon rolls are a family tradition, the mimosas are a new addition}. so today will be filled with cleaning & cooking & preparation. i'm really excited about spending some time with ivan & my siblings - watching classic christmas movies, listening to christmas music, playing games, eating good food & drinking good wine. just writing this post is making anxious to get off the computer & get going! i hope you all are having a wonderful christmas eve & enjoying the company of the loved ones around you. 

even the okra & tomatoes are feeling festive!

merry christmas!

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