Wednesday, December 26, 2012

0 chestita koleda - joyeux noël - feliz navidad - merry christmas

i hope you all had a merry christmas! i know we did, it was small, cozy, fun & wonderful. there was a lot of laughter, indulgence {food & wine wise}, good conversation & even some racing {ivan was very excited to test out his new xbox}.  we went to midnight mass at the madeline cathedral & it was amazing! i'd never been to a catholic mass before & it was a such an experience. i got to talk to my parents & my littlest sister rachel {she was really excited about her new boots - a girl to her very core}. we also had travis, sarah & lincoln {beau} & our good friend geoff over as well. overall it was a very enjoyable day, the house seems so quiet now . . . good thing sarah just got here!

we got two strawberry napoleons from a friend & devoured them immediately! ivan offered to help me with mine, however no such assistance was needed.

clam chowder is a requirement on christmas eve!

santa did good! really good!

i'm really really excited about this gift!
watch out for the cork!
i love baking & these cinnamon rolls are amazing, orgasmic really - ivan ate the last one this morning & i'm a little sad but mostly relieved that the temptation is gone, because let's face it, the deliciousness of these cinnamon rolls overcomes all my self restraint.

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