Friday, September 28, 2012

0 overambitious dinners make for great leftover lunches

so this dinner was sooooo delicious! the only reason i had to stop eating was because my stomach simply wouldn't allow anymore food. so when i got to eat it all over again for lunch i was ecstatic! i was super happy too that when i felt ready for a snack i could munch on some roasted acorn squash & sweet potato soup with dark rum whipped cream. ivan took enough to have lunch for two days. so yeah there was a lot leftover - in fact i still have enough for lunching & snacking tomorrow. when i made the soup i had to make it in two giant pots to fit it all in - i guess i was so excited to make it that i skimmed over the "serves 6-8" & 9 cups of chicken broth. the good news is that i don't think i'll get sick of the soup before it runs out - because that has happened before {freshman year of college the first time i made a vegetable soup - i was used to cooking for a dozen eaters people - a dozen! i won't mention how long that soup lasted} well, happy weekend people! have a good one!

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