Sunday, September 9, 2012

0 i can run, but i can't walk

. . . normally anyway. this is because i ran my own personal half marathon down big cottonwood canyon. it was pretty awesome, i ran it 20 minutes faster {1:55:29} than my goal {2:15:00} & only died a little bit at the very end when i had to go uphill. ivan was my personal paparazzo, water stationer & cheerleader. it was pretty great {not as great as running in the actual race would have been, but still pretty great}. as a celebratory meal we went to iceberg & i got a double cheeseburger with onion rings instead of fries & a strawberry shake {with fresh strawberries}. it was divine! we immediately went home & napped. we got up with enough time for me to shower {i was too tired to shower previously} & head over to the greek festival to eat lamb, feta & talk politics with friends. it was a pretty great day overall. i will be posting about my trip to seattle very shortly, but there are too many photos for me to go through right now . . . so be patient my friends . . . but not too patient & maybe by then i'll be able to walk normally.

woohoo! i'm done!

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