Sunday, September 16, 2012

2 as country as i get

ivan kept eyeing me suspiciously & telling me that i looked too western in this outfit. i'll give him that, i've never been a fan of western style - music, clothing, lifestyle, etc. - it's just never been my thing. but i couldn't resist a little denim on denim & then pairing it up with some of my favorite bright red accessories! in the end i kind of loved it! don't tell ivan!

in a completely unrelated note, i've started "the master cleanse," mostly for health reasons. i was {& still am} a little embarrassed by it - though i'm not really sure why. i'm slightly terrified of doing it at school & having people know {like i'm secretly dexter or something}. besides that weird paranoia it's been pretty great so far {starting day 3 today} & we'll see if it helps at all in the ways that i want it to. if anything else it does show me that i have more self-discipline than i thought i had - something i could use more of as i always seem to be putting off homework! 

speaking of which, that's what i'll be doing all day today - lots & lots of homework! i have a presentation monday & i am sooooo not prepared for it! that's what i have all day today for though, right? who needs a week of class when you have all day sunday? you know how i had promised myself i wouldn't procrastinate this school year? i'm only a month in & i'm procrastinating. oh well, better get to it! i hope you all are having a lovely sunday & enjoying your last day of the weekend!

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Cilla said...

I LOVE this outfit. Definitely not too western.

iordanovs said...

Why thank you Cilla! A little western is always good am I right?