Saturday, September 22, 2012

0 the wheels on the bus

so a lot of my day {well, not too much but still a bit} is spent on the lovely 3 bus. it's a very interesting group of people about a half/half mix of students, some faculty & very interesting elderly people heading to the va. i am daily entertained by its occupants some of my favorite people include:
  • the woman dressed in leopard print velour sweats, dark tan nylons & black pumps, the man discussing his urine test results very loudly on the phone
  • the 50 year white man dressed like a young black gangbanger {do-rag & all} 
  • the 40 year old librarianish woman reading an erotic novel  
  • the bespectacled 20something year old girl coming back from the zoo clinging a very large stuffed hippo
  • the older veteran extolling the virtues of marijuana & going on about his rich uncle {literally people, his rich uncle}
these people always put a smile on my face & it's awfully entertaining. though i get frustrated by its sometimes incomprehensible evening scheduling {ask any of my classmates how often i've complained - more than i should really}, i love riding my bus & getting my fill of people watching.

i dare you to guess how old this person is . . . i'll give you a hint he's not in his 20's

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