Tuesday, September 11, 2012

0 seattle {1}

warning! i'm a bit of a camera whore. i went through & cut out pictures {twice!} i promise. i still ended up with enough pictures to fill two blog posts {three really}. these particular photographs are from the first night & the following day. i enjoyed the sea air, large buildings, the multitudes of interesting people {oh how i love being surrounded by a slew of people}, the food & the coffee {yes! the coffee!}. as i wandered around i decided that if architecture doesn't work out for me i should be the next sartorialist, it's intoxicating to see so many unique people - you don't get that too much in utah. 
the first moments in seattle i was overwhelmed with the same feeling i feel every time i go to an actual city . . . i belong here . . .

i'm kind of obsessed with old sewing machines, so the allsaints store was a vision

you can never go wrong with fried calamari - i also learned that sake is much better hot

space needle on the emp

i think i may be more than just a little in love with you seattle

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