Wednesday, August 22, 2012

0 why is your phone covered in rice?

it may or may not be because i dropped in some water . . . in the bathroom . . . yeah, you get the idea. i was so horrified my first instinct was to wash it {that probably wasn't the best idea}. i also was in the middle of coordinating a work meeting & spent 20 minutes frantically trying to dry it off & start it up. i finally asked to borrow someone else's phone {they suggested the rice - i confirmed the drying method on the internet}. so here comes the rice - 6 hours later. oddly enough dried rice was nowhere to be found on campus. so i'm just going to let it sit there & not think about the fact that i probably ruined my phone for good.  the fact that i can update my phone would make me feel better if i hadn't used ivan's upgrade to get this one. in lighter news we finally made it to the avenues bistro on third even though it takes us 2 minutes to walk there. it was really tasty & i loooooved the cheese plate! you can never get enough cheese!

just looking at this makes me salivate

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