Tuesday, August 7, 2012

0 we walked & walked & walked . . . . & then we walked some more

                                                       ivan's llama driven cart  . . .                                                                                      . . . and then one died 

it's here! it's here! the empty salt lake city sightseeing bus! in all its glory! i have yet to see anyone riding in it.
                                                                                                                                                                         this man looks damn fine in a hat

so sunday we decided to walk through the city creek mall on our way to the gateway mall {since it was actually open}. on our way we found a mini apple store, a stylish fire hydrant, some beer for ivan & some sauvignon blanc for me, a public piano {i pretended to play it}, a display for a mr. winkle exhibit, some cool sculpter/displays for the recreational outdoor convention {which we tried to sneak into & i'm still mad that i put all those "free" magazines down - i should have bolted! bolted with running & women's shape magazines in hand i tell you! anyway, so much for regret}, & i finally had a camera when the salt lake city sightseeing bus drove around {ivan waved & he honked back - i think he gets a little lonely on that perpetually empty bus}. at the mall ivan got a belt & a scarf; i got a shirt & some workout shorts! on monday i made the most delicious salad {ivan made it first & it looked so tasty i had to replicate it} anything with bacon is awesome, but bacon & avocado? divine i tell you! absolutely ethereal!

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