Saturday, August 4, 2012

4 i'm super awesome at eating

i mean super terrifically awesome at eating, {evidence of said talent is displayed above} & if you're thinking the talent stops there you'd be wrong because this talent extends beyond eating to drinking! i often drink so fantastically that said drink spills out the corners of my mouth - you know you wish you could do that. speaking of food below is a little sampling of some awesomeness that we've had lately! & the bottom pics show you what we did for a little "date" {we tend to do this sort of stuff all the time though so it feels silly to call it a "date"} - a classic french movie in b&w, wine, cheese {smoked gouda is my fave!}, salami & prosciutto. is ivan not the best husband ever? ivan also had bread {as you may know i'm trying to keep my carbs down, so no bread for me - family's coming in a week & i need to look as sexy as possible of course}. as for something not involving food {is there  really anything that doesn't tie back to food somehow?} i started my little vocabulary book! i was very motivated & did the first two days in one then i didn't do it yesterday {story of my life} but i am determined to redeem myself & do another lesson today {if not two}. oh! oh! oh! i went dress shopping with my adorable little sister & we found the perfect dress! i was so ecstatic that i wanted to post pics but she warned me her fiancé could see it, so sadly no pictures today. just let me tell you now, it took my breath away! well people of the world, today is saturday & i hope you are out enjoying yourselves! happy weekend!

 ¡viva méxico!

ivan's blt {he makes killer sandwiches}

this wine was particularly divine! deep & smoky!

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Benlovesting said...

Lovely blog! x

iordanovs said...

Thanks! Your is quite lovely as well!

Anonymous said...

Yum! you are so healthy!

iordanovs said...

We definitely try! There are definitely lots of delicious healthy recipes to try.