Monday, August 20, 2012

0 da ti vurvi po voda

today was the first day of grad school - official, real grad school {the year and a half that i've done was more preparatory - since i don't have a bachelor's in architecture}. it was exciting! i got all of my school supplies last night & organized my schedule, this is one of my favorite parts {so help me i'm a nerd through & through}. i think of how i will maintain this organization throughout the semester {even though we all know the enthusiasm will fade after a few weeks once sleep deprivation & stress set in}. anyway, getting to the picture above. in bulgaria there is a tradition that is done on the first day of school. you throw water in front of the student & say "da ti vurvi po voda" which roughly translates to "may your day flow as easy as water." it's silly but fun & i like the idea of a good luck blessing before i start this next year, in the hopes that i will be better, more organized, creative & brilliant than last year. happy monday!

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