Thursday, August 2, 2012

2 i may have told you this before, but . . .

                                                                                                                                                                  fresh whipped cream & "pumpkin pie" spice on top!

ivan's "take home" rolls
. . . i'm slightly addicted to coffee. no, that's wrong. it's more like a love affair. the type of love affair so strong that when you try to explain it to others they look at you funny & you can sense their wonder or even disapproval of your over amorous affection {some might say addiction}. yet with all the disapproval the love grows deeper & your pleasure stronger . . . eh-hem . . . now, to get to the point of why i'm getting all romantic about coffee. i've been having stomach issues for the past 2 years {blah, blah, blah, boring} & have tried a whole slew of things to help {including going gluten free for 6 months - so hard people}. well in my latest attempts i decided to go on a coffee fast, just for a week . . . then two . . . then three . . . finally, with my stomach issues persisting & my longing for coffee remaining, i decided to break the fast & let me tell you it felt gooooood. we even went out for a cappuccino {god, i love those!}. coffee is back in my life, & it's here to stay! on a side note, or whatever, i made my own rendition of the blackened tilapia salad i was raving about here, & it was divine! more than divine, it was intoxicating. both ivan & i were craving it the next day & the next . . . more to the point, i will be making it again really soon & when i do i'll post a recipe, because this ↓ divinity needs to be shared. you'll thank me, i promise.

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Charlotte said...

I feel the same way about tea, I can't get enough of the stuff and mention it way too often for my love for it to be considered normal x

iordanovs said...

We all have our obsessions, still it's nice to hear others now & again. Helps us remember that we're not that different.