Wednesday, July 10, 2013

0 watch your feet

so this weekend started out pretty good - a 7 mile run in which i kept up with ivan {& kicked virginia street's ass! - last time it gave mine a good whoopin' so it was payback time!} then ivan admitted his addiction to yoga {i was so elated to hear him talking about how he was going to have to compromise on some of his soccer playing - if you knew ivan you would understand how huge hearing him say that was}. i also had a chance to sit & enjoy the summer storms. i absolutely love listening to the thunder & rain & feeling the humidity {i do live in a desert after all} plus it cooled things down a bit {again, living in a desert}. i also bought 2 giant basil plants so that i now grow more basil than any two people could ever possibly use. then things turned a little sour - it all started with paper towels. i had of course used a chair to put the paper towels up there, but for some reason i decided that jumping {with my michael jordan-like skills} would be much easier. i am currently should be not really working on a project that involves cutting wine bottles. some of these cut wine bottles happened to be sitting directly under the paper towels - i don't think i need to say much more. ivan was my hero & rushed to the grocery store & bandaged up my foot, after which he took over dinner & insisted that i relax & play some "plants vs. zombies". i am still managing to keep my track record of no stitches though, so i'm okay with it. i have had to cancel some runs {which makes ivan running right now even more painful} due to the fact that one of the slices is on the ball of my foot. so right now i'm letting my foot heal, wearing flats & anxiously waiting for this to arrive! this purchase is a special treat for me - not only do i not normally spend this much on any one article of clothing but i have been stalking it forever, i mean it's ubiquitous on fashion blogs {you can see it here, here, here, here, here & here just to give a few examples}. in other news i have started a new drafting job - this is in addition {of course} to my freelance drafting. hopefully hours on end of staring at a 27" computer screen at work will motivate me to do a lot more than just stare for hours on end at a lap top screen - we'll see how well that goes . . . well, until tomorrow when my skorts arrive! happy hump day!

the culprit & the evidence
eek! i'm seriously sooooo excited! 
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