Wednesday, May 23, 2012

0 i think i'm going to miss living . . .

. . . when i die.

sofia is beautiful! we meandered around downtown, looking at the beautiful buildings, eating delicious food and conversing. it was amazing to see gorgeous cathedrals {catholic & orthodox}, synagogue and mosque all within walking distance of each other. we went to troyan and visited ivan's "summer home" and his mother's grave site. i finally got to see ivan's baby pictures, he was adorable of course! we've had lots of meat! i'm pretty sure i ate more meat in one day here than i'd had this year so far. we've also been enjoying wine, lots of really good wine. coffee here is served turkish style and is deliciously smooth and strong. we went to a monastery, unfortunately we could not take pictures there or inside the "rotunda" which was amazing! it was built in the 4th century and the byzantine frescoes were breathtaking! the terracotta tiled roofs are everywhere. spending time in ivan's home country has been wonderful so far. life is good, life is really good.
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