Wednesday, June 6, 2012

3 diuners for dinner

 . . . or lunch, or all the time {which is how often i want to eat them!} these things are addictingly tasty, i'm a little relieved they don't have them in utah {i'd be eating them way too often!} we tried many different versions and they were all fantastic! maybe it's the french fries, maybe it's the slow roasted chicken, maybe it's the fact that they place the cooked bread in the grease from the slow roasted chicken; anyway you look at it the food in eastern europe was delicious all around, but as far as quick, inexpensive, delicious food goes, there is no competing with the diuner!
ivan was so excited he had a bite before i could pull the camera out

beer is the perfect drink for any food you know is going to kill your heart

on a side note, tsatsa {little roasted fish you eat whole, with beer of course} were a pretty fulfilling adventure as well.

tsatsa love!

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Antionette Waith said...

Love the photos! They look really yummy too!

Antionette Waith said...

... also how did you get the pinterest button?

Iordanov's said...

Thanks! They really are!