Wednesday, June 13, 2012

0 summertime . . .

. . . and the living is easy.
these guys have freakishly delicious cookies!

a whole booth for owl art? i'm game!

no farmers market is complete without a shoeless steel guitar player!
slc hipsters . . . slipsters

the spoils of our farmers market adventure

such a nice little bee
having a hearty laugh in my pirate tank

we are loving summer here in the avenues {winters are another story}. we went to the opening of the slc farmers market which was a blast! we plan to make it a weekly adventure. then we grilled and chilled with friends at liberty park {man that place has changed since i was a kid}. ivan is loving the eurocup and i made some deliciousness which included grilled zucchini and yellow squash with fresh basil {from my herb garden - which we planted the day after we got back, ivan planted some tomatoes}. so even though our official vacation is over we are looking forward to the rest of our summer. speaking of birthdays {we were?} it's ivan's today! yay! there will be much deliciousness & merriment involved for us {can you say lava cakes?}. so anyway, have yourselves a happy hump day! 

you'd better believe that's purple basil!

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