Monday, June 11, 2012

0 saying goodbye

i want to live in a building like this


i want to turn slc's main street into this, can you blame me?

doing it commy rocky style

blue steel

driving through the bulgarian countryside was like driving through a screensaver! i was in constant awe of the natural beauty this country possesses. i loved the yellow brick in sofia {only two capitals in the world have it, sofia & vienna} all the shoe and purse stores {seriously, it's a girls paradise!} and the walking streets in the coastal cities. we ran around medieval towns and monasteries and i tried not to get too sick on really windy mountain roads. we wined & dined with family & friends and chatted into the wee hours of the morning {well ivan mostly, i didn't do much chatting}. we visited many a coffee shop & found a couple favorites {i can never get enough cappuccinos!} and leisurely strolled through the many parks.

overall our trip was amazing! we only got lost a few times, so i'll take that as a win. the food was great, the people were amazing, the architecture was beautiful and the times had were unforgettable. we will be coming back, not sure when, but it won't be too long. 

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