Thursday, June 21, 2012

0 remember when . . .

. . . you were a kid & you'd draw with chalk. this was like that, but on crack. these drawings were intense. they had booths for kids with games, people dressed up as super heroes, a live band and even gave out free creamies & cotton candy! {i refrained of course, but ivan had a chocolate creamie} here's a sampling of our day at the gateway chalk festival.

this guy was dunked multiple times, good thing it was hot!

this was probably my favorite, simply gorgeous!

ivan "dipping" in

ivan is the sexiest commy ever! {seriously folks, he really is} and speaking of red, i love these revamped parking meters! you donate the cash to the homeless shelters of utah, such a fantastic idea! the utah arts festival is this weekend & we will make our yearly round {uinta makes a special beer for the event "arts fest amber ale," it's kind of really amazing}. 

gotta love summer driving in the avenues

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