Monday, June 25, 2012

0 where do all these people go during the day?

gotta love awkward face {i'm asking travis ↓ if he figured out the camera}

these little guys are our favorite! "argh! i'm a pirate!"
the french fries & beer were amazing {of course}

joanna {our friend} met up with me while i was dancing

squishy, photographer extraordinaire

so we went to the arts festival this weekend, and as we walked around loving the art, music, people watching & food {obviously}; i couldn't help but wonder "where do all these people go during the day?" there were so many fun & interesting people wandering around enjoying themselves you couldn't help but smile. it's one of the events that really makes utah summers great. we also got to see samba fogo again, fire is always fun. on a side note, my sister had never gone to the library roof; so we took the elevator up & wandered around. on the way down this little girl couldn't decided whether she was more excited or scared; it was pretty adorable. hope you all had as fun a weekend as we did! and now off to finish my monday.
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