Wednesday, June 27, 2012

0 there's nothing like pearls to make a girl feel classy

similar earrings, similar necklace, similar tank, similar shorts, ribbon, similar shoes
my brother broke my legs today, after he broke my arms last week. hopefully i'll get strong enough that i can use my muscles after his workouts or do dead lifts correctly {for the life of me i can't do those things!} is it my inflexibility? weak muscles? i must know! i got so frustrated travis had to send me to do something else. still, it's nice having a personal trainer, even if he teases me a little {he wouldn't be my brother if he didn't do that}. on a side note, blueberries {any berries really}, walnuts & a french vinaigrette are my new favorite way to make a salad super terrific delicious!

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