Thursday, June 7, 2012

0 down by the sea

the black sea to be more specific, and even though we only had a few hours of sunshine on the beach it was still very lovely. we first went to kaliakra {where it is rumored that 40 bulgarian virgins were chased to the sea by the turks and then, rather than be captured and lose their virginity they tied their hair and jumped from the cliff}. it was amazing to see the ancient roman ruins from their resort built thousands of years ago and watch the shadows of the clouds move across the water. we also went to burgas, belchik and varna {all very lovely, although i think varna was my favorite}. i was constantly reminded of that quote from home alone "but they got nude beaches?" as we sunbathed. it was ethereal walking up and down the beach and feeling the sun on my shoulders, hearing the gentle ocean waves and tasting the salty mist. i need to live closer to a beach!

photo: ivan bulgarov
the gate of the 40 maidens

i love this man a lot!

you can't go very far without seeing communist statues

duvishdane black sea! until we meet again . . . 

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