Wednesday, May 22, 2013

0 life in the coral

so this morning was bad, then good, then frustrating, and finally relaxing/recuperative - the hours between 7 & 11 am have been a little schizophrenic - from cursing endlessly at my flailing computer to an empty location {owing to the fact that i apparently cannot read emails - hence the later frustration upon rereading said email} to a beautiful walk and a happy realization that i had $7 & "anna karenina" in my bag {cue cappuccino & reading outside at cucina} to buying eggs at the grocery store after a leisurely walk through the avenues {every time i think i couldn't fall any more in love with the avenues i fall head over heels again} to sending a hiddenly frustrated email & receiving a "reread the last email i sent you" {self-anger ensues} to watching "the september issue" for the hundredth time in my comfiest pants while composing the longest sentence in blogging history {taking a cue from jane austen}. whew! so if you survived that i commend you! i wanted to give a shout out to {one of} my new favorite colors - coral! {well now, that was the most completely unrelated transition i could've possibly come up with wasn't it?} i splurged a little on some coral polish &  lip gloss & some adorable {& surprisingly comfortable} wedges. it's a great accent color that's a little unexpected & fun. it's not red, it's not pink, it's not even orange - it's coral & hidden within the coral is where the life is. 


f21 tank: similar; thrifted skirt: similar, coral wedges, f21 belt: similar, handmade earrings: similar

oh! oh! my new coffee maker came! i was so excited! i still am a little giddy every time i use it - now all i need is an espresso machine & a cappuccino maker - or a coffee shop in my kitchen - either way.

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