Wednesday, May 8, 2013

0 life is skittles & life is beer

so here we go, a whole onslaught of pictures! i know you're as excited as i am. there's been a lot of outdoor fun happening what with the weather warming & the sun brightening. there have been lunches, brunches, family events, soccer & bbq's. it's only the first week of may! i can't wait for the rest of the summer, it shall be glorious. so please indulge me here as i post what i have selected as the most important 52 {i know, i know} pictures that show that past couple of weeks. oh spring you are lovely!

                                        ivan's beer                                                                                 my cappuccino

i really really love this man!

the more i wander around downtown salt lake city the more i love it!

my favorite summer snack = fruits, nuts, chocolate & wine

is my sister not the most adorable creature ever?!

this is my bestie {my cousin stephanie} & her boy cyrus! i love this girl! she's expecting her third boy in august. it was so lovely to have her & sarah to chat with during a nice long lunch.

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