Thursday, May 2, 2013

0 so yeah . . .

what?! a blog post?! i know that's what you're thinking but seriously this semester has been especially busy/crazy. i took a lot more credits than i would suggest, on top of working & being a ta - all of which i loved & wouldn't change{?} however, it did mean that the poor little blog here kind of got left behind when the final weeks approached. 5 hours of sleep a night and 6+ cups of coffee a day does not lead to blogging - it leads to other things, like stress dreams, weird muscle aches & caffeine withdrawal/dehydration migraines {joy!}. anyway, it's all done now! yay! my project was selected to be displayed at the year-end celebration, for which i was pretty excited {i haven't been specially selected for anything since that junior high poetry contest!} so here is a sampling of that project - i'll put pictures of me & the celebration up later tonight {there was free wine & cheese! this made for one happy ashley {& ivan}! it's good to be back! i'll see you around, i'm off to lunch with some favorite people of mine - right after i finish proctoring this exam. 

the sliding wall was my favorite part! i was seriously ecstatic every time i showed it to someone {perhaps a video is warranted - then you'll all know how really nerdy i am!}

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