Thursday, June 27, 2013

0 possibly the silliest post ever

so . . . working from home does strange things to me. i do have a lot of things to do don't get me wrong {drafting, reading, training, cleaning, etc.} but i get easily distracted & spend a lot of time trying to entertain myself. which sometimes consists of hours of looking at street style pictures, or tasty recipes, or it could be that i spend an embarrassing amount of time doing my hair. these pictures are from a couple of those instances. i was trying the whole "beachy wave" thing, once with a curling iron & once with a flat iron - the flat iron totally wins {the pictures below will support me here}. anyway, so that's what's been happening lately. i do have more work to do so i guess i'll get to that. i'll post some pics of the art festival soon, last year was a blast & this year was no different. it's such a fun event & something that i look forward to every year. on a side note look at how much my hair has grown in a year! i'm shooting for mermaid, boob-length hair - so the difference in length is highly encouraging! 

p.s. i am in LOVE with my new hair color! it's amazing the difference between an actual salon & a hair school - who knew? {ivan will say the same thing but he'll be talking about price points - although to his credit he does love the hair color enough to be okay with it - i think}.
p.p.s. i learned my lesson after the first pics with the vacuum cleaner & old computer in the background & moved into the sun room {better light anyway}.

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