Wednesday, June 5, 2013

0 on the waterfront

i was looking back through our vacation pictures from march {which i have yet to post - wow, that's just embarrassing!} and came across some fun fashion shots we took that i was going to post back in march, but then school happened annnnnnnd i kind of forgot about them - until now. seeing the pictures reminded me of the cool breezes and the sound of the waves. it was the perfect reminiscence on this warm june afternoon. these pictures also pay homage to the last time ivan wore his wedding ring - we can only assume that it is now at home in the undulating waves of the northern california ocean. good thing it's his birthday soon - we all know what he's getting - no more pretense of a single life for that man! on a most happy side note we just found out that ivan got his boss's job! we're both so excited & i am so proud of him i could burst! he really is one of the best things that has ever happened to me & i couldn't feel luckier! 

old navy sweater: similar, similar tank, hm pants: similar, boots

 this is what happens when i try to kiss him & he hasn't quite caught the memo
much better! see! there it is! there's the last official sighting of the proof that we're married.
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