Wednesday, October 10, 2012

0 and that my friends is called "megalomania"


on my run today i encountered an old man clapping, no applauding, and he was looking right at me. immediately i started to blush {or maybe that was the heat - it was a particularly warm october day today} & i was pondering in my mind if i should say something as i ran past him. i have on occasion gotten a "good job!" & smiles of approval on my run - aw the joys of a fan club. in my mind i saw not this singular elder, but an entire crowd of people cheering me on with unabashed enthusiasm & wishing they could be me {in my mind i was doing a humble royalty wave to them}. however this ethereal feeling of superiority was soon dashed as i noticed he was clapping at his dog {the dumb witted creature seemed unable to pick up the ball & it was irritating the old man}. so as i ran past i said nothing, & looked away thinking "and that my friends is called megalomania."

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