Friday, October 5, 2012

0 so that's why they call them "crumble" muffins

so there was this one time that i decided to make dessert at 10:30 pm, on a week night {wednesday night}. the decision was based on the ability to make the dessert without going to the grocery store, so i went with lemon verbena & mixed berry crumble muffins. oh my goodness they turned out horribly, well horribly looking. i assume that they would have turned out better if i had adjusted the recipe for high altitude - but it's impossible to know for sure. ivan had offered to take the extras to work but once he saw the finished product he rescinded his offer - so we ate them all ourselves {which wasn't all that bad}. i found out why they were called "crumble" muffins when i tried taking them out of the muffin tin & they proceeded to "crumble" everywhere {i guess i should have used the muffin papers after all}. 

oh! i got beautiful riding boots! real leather boots! this is a first time for me & i'm pretty damn excited! i've never spent that much on any single item of clothing/shoe & i'm expecting them to last a while & keep my feet toasty during this upcoming winter. bring it on!

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