Sunday, August 25, 2013

2 a little luxury

sometimes you want something simply because it's beautiful, ridiculous, impractical & unexpected. my two luxury purchases this week were precisely that. i'd been eyeballing the caviar manicure kit for quite some time now & finally caved. the texture is super fun although i have to admit it's definitely for people who don't use their hands a lot {or never do dishes} as it only lasted a couple of days - a couple of gloriously textured days! the other splurge was lady gaga's perfume, fame. the perfume itself is black {not the bottle} & smells addictively sweet. there's nothing like a little luxury to make reality {read school starting on monday} a little more bearable. 

as a sucker for good packaging i loved this seal. as well as the bottle, it's quite stunning.
p.s. the perfume in the background on the left is flowerbomb {my "signature scent"} the price tag is well worth the compliments it garners & although i love it, i'm pretty excited to add a little variety to my olfactory repertoire.

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Cilla said...

Hooray for splurging! You need that every once in a while. It was good to hang with you for a bit today. Love you, lady!

iordanovs said...

Indeed you do! It was good to see you again today, two days in a row! What? Love you tons & can't wait for our "Pretty in Pink" party!