Saturday, October 26, 2013

0 no i didn't die

school & work have just been, really, incredibly, insanely demanding since school started at the end of august. hence, my long silence. i guess i could have posted something, but i felt like to do anything with any sort of quality whatsoever would have taken more time that i had to spare - so i just didn't do anything at all.  which is very much like most of what i do. i'm a bit of an extremist in a way and tend to go all in or not at all - something i've been working on, as sometimes you can't go all in but you can't not do it either - hello busy work! so that's a personality thing that's showing up here in the blog. i'm sure you all understand that. however, i do enjoy blogging a lot and didn't want to just quit because i didn't have a lot of time. so i waited {not so patiently} until the first, insanely busy first half of my semester was over and i got back from japan - JAPAN!!! - to start up again. that's right folks, my childhood dream of growing up to be a beautiful japanese girl going to japan was finally fulfilled. well, not fulfilled really, because instead of leaving me satiated it only whetted my appetite! i took over 2,500 pictures - don't worry i won't post them all - as well as 4 rolls of film on my holga. however i will do several posts that highlight different aspects, like food, new & old architecture, oddities, etc. - everything was so diverse, animated (often literally), dense, beautiful & culturally rich that i felt that our extremely fast-paced {there was more than one occasion where someone got lost/left behind} 10 day tour barely skimmed the surface. i am currently just finishing transcribing an interview that took place on the trip and am almost done {7 pages down, just 3 minutes more to go!} well, now that i've addressed the most recent past i wanted to show a little about the beginning of the semester - mostly my school shopping! i, at 31, still get excited about shopping for a new semester - i probably always will. i just love buying stationary, pens, bags, etc., basically anything that will help me stay organized - all in the hopes that this will be the best semester ever! it probably stems from my frequent childhood moves {which often occurred during the summer} & seeing each new place {& usually new school year} as a chance to do a little better, a chance to {in a highly aspirational way} reinvent myself. now my goals are a little smaller, but they do usually include things like not being late to class & not half-assing any assignments - i have yet to accomplish those during an entire semester so far {the transcription i'm working on now was due yesterday - oops!}, but that's why there's always next time!

in other news i've recently become obsessed with loose/comfy/sexy tops. i bought 3 at muji in japan! i find it especially sexy to combine it with other inherently sexy pieces - such as my beloved leather pants and something fun like my wedge sneakers! they are my absolute favorites & yes i did take them trekking what felt like all over tokyo with only minor casualties - totally worth how cute they looked!

gap oversized button-up shirt: similar, hm leather pants: similar, aldo wedge sneakers: similar

i'm loving my new "bookbag"! similar here

p.s. how absolutely fantastic is this day planner?! i'm so sad i have to wait 2 more months to use it!

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